News: Zenith Moon drop new single/video


Melbourne rockers Zenith Moon are set to release their ripping debut single Inhibition. They are also announcing a launch gig at The Grace Darling on June 28. They’ve also got a super clever clip to accompany the track, showcasing the fun, high-energy nature of a Zenith Moon live performance.

Inhibition is everything classic rock fans could ever want, plus a modern taste on the side; for such a young band, Zenith Moon have crafted a particularly exciting debut.  With influences such as Led Zeppelin and Baby Animals, everything about the track is massive, from the face-melting guitar to the bold, empowering vocals from lead singer Kahli Rose.  The inspiration behind Inhibition came from a very personal place, as Kahli explains, “Inhibition is a song I wrote after I finished year 12.  My high school experience was rather tough and negative as I had to deal with racism and bullying, which led me to depression and extreme anxiety…I became so afraid to be myself that I stopped doing all the things I love which included writing and performing music.  In year 12 I decided that I was going to stop letting my depression and anxiety take control.  This song is about the journey I went through to becoming a confident woman and not being swayed by other people’s opinions.”

The clip for Inhibition feels like an awesome party, and all your besties are invited.  In one continuous shot, the audience watches as Zenith Moon play the song in every corner of their house.  Inspired by Violent Soho’s Covered in Chrome, and Rival Sons’ Pressure and Time, drummer Andie Zarins says, “Both these videos have very simple concepts that required expertise and style to pull it off – but importantly they showcase the energy of the band, something that we really wanted to capture… The loose idea of our video is to show us rocking out hard in a few different locations including a backyard, a living room and even the back of a van.  There’s even a handmade peacock top-hat (courtesy of Tabandy Farm).”



Tickets available from



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