Interview: Brook Betts of Mayday Parade

Well, they definitely should take chances if they believe it, but if you are too busy to give the band your full attention, and take advantage of every opportunity you are given, then maybe you shouldn’t worry about the band so much and go do something else, or just call it a hobby. But also, one thing not to do, is be an asshole, because I cannot tell you how many bands I have seen that are so far up their own ass, and it just limits you. You better hope you are damn good if you are an asshole, because that is the only way anybody is going to take your shit.

Special: Slash ft Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – Inside The Dream Pt 4 – An Interview with engineer Jef Moll

Instead of Slash having to lay down all of the guitar tracks for the record, we were able to leave room for Frank to come in and add another flavour with his own parts and style. There’s a lot of Slash playing on one side and Frank playing something around Slash’s part on the other side.  It added a lot to the sonic landscape and turned out really cool.

Special: Slash ft Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – Inside The Dream Pt 3 – An Interview with Frank Sidoris

Funny enough, I think Driving Rain was the first song I was super psyched about. I really enjoyed writing my parts to Slash’s on that one and it came out really cool. Next would have to be Serve You Right. Sugarcane took a minute but once it was finalised it grew to be my favourite, I think. It’s a tough call!